Not everywhere that says MDD on it is MDD in it. The now popular abbreviation is used for a wide variety of content. However, the danger of confusion is rapidly reduced once you have overcome the temptation to attend an event organised by the self-proclaimed spontaneous authority for rash accompanying greenery: Department of Musical Landscape Management.

MDD used to be (and still are, actually) called MAD DILLON’S DEPUTIES and are a real Hagen band.While the origins of the not necessarily youngest but spirited after-work band with a subcultural educational mission go back to the early eighties with exclusively their own material, the newly thrown together bunch of musicians of different colours now presents itself with a convincing mix of cover songs and rocking original compositions.

The current line-up also likes to show courage to experiment and dedicates itself to popular party hits as well as so-called musical stepchildren, which are less well-known but otherwise are in no way inferior to the big hits.The repertoire of old and young classics of the guitar-friendly song genre is as broad as the unique, cross-generational age spectrum of the actors. – Even if demonstrations of finger-flying virtuosity take a back seat, the fun factor is paramount here, and they heat things up to the best of their ability.

Album-Review (by

„A band that was founded 45 years ago and has covered all genres of rock over the years, from Krautrock to Classic and Hard Rock to Blues Rock, and has survived the tragic losses of some of its valued band members, as well as defying the catastrophic flood of 2021 that hit the rehearsal room, can justifiably call its new album „Still Unbreakable“. MAD DILLON’S DEPUTIES is a combo that has been established in the Hagen area for several years, which has attracted attention primarily through tasteful covers, but has never ignored the rock roots of its own members.

With Dirk Tetampel and Vera Heinisch, two new frontmen on vocals have been on board the cutter since 2020, which is on the road again in much rockier realms and this year presents exclusively its own songs with this record.And what can I say? The ten-pack is really catchy. The songs are varied and have soul, you notice in every single note that thoroughbred musicians and rock lovers are behind the instruments. Due to the high melody factor, for example the relaxed ‚Horrorwood‘, the cheeky ‚Hell Sent Goddess‘ or also the atmospheric ‚Crawling Monsters‘ conclusion catch the ear right from the start and have a successful look at the band’s own past partly due to the blues influence, partly due to slight GROBSCHNITT, ELOY and BIRTH CONTROL tendencies. Who would be surprised by the comparisons, since all the combos have been closely connected for many decades.

Nevertheless, the MAD DILLON’S DEPUTIES songs have something independent about them and are very enjoyable per se, especially in warmer temperatures. Especially the powerful ‚Are You Ready‘ opener and the dynamic ‚Spirit Of Rock‘ can sing a loud song about this, with the two newcomers throwing the balls back and forth. (…)

Especially the newest faces have a successful debut and bring a breath of fresh air into the MAD DILLON’S DEPUTIES venture. „Still Unbreakable“ is matched by the insatiable thirst for great rock in its many different facets, as well as the desire of the individual members to heave a record out of the ground with a noticeable „now more than ever“ mentality. While other combos don’t recover from strokes of fate, the Hagen-based MAD DILLON’S DEPUTIES take out their varied rock mace and have a successful soundtrack for the coming sunny months at the start. Have a Good trip!“